How You Can Support the Apostleship of the SeaAOS half size

There are lots of ways to support the Apostleship of the Sea:

Pray for Seafarers 

Remember seafarers in your prayers by using the AoS Prayer of the Month.

Become a Volunteer

Your help in volunteering will be greatly appreciated and there are various volunteering roles:

  • Ship Visitor

  • Driver

  • Seafarers’ Centre Volunteer

  • Fundraiser

  • Parish Contact

Find out more about what's involved in these roles on the AoS website or you can find out what would suit you best by calling the office to have a chat on 020 7588 8285 or email

Knit a Woolly Hat or Donate Wool

You could also provide help by knitting hats for seafarers. Want to help?

You can download a knitting pattern for a woolly hat for seafarers. You can take your hat to any of the churches and leave them in the porch. The hats will be collected and taken by the AoS volunteers down to the Stella Maris in the Port of Sunderland.

If you have any spare double knitting or aran wool you can donate it for the knitters. Just leave it in any of the church porches & it will be collected. 


You can become a fundraiser for AoS. There is a lot of information and advice on the AoS website and you can download a Fundraising Guide to help you.

Shop on the AoS Website

You can buy Seasonal items on the AoS website to help support them.

By Donating

There are various ways to donate to AoS:

  • You can now donate via your mobile phone. Donate By Text is a new service. It is very simple. Text TAO00 and £the amount you wish to donate to 70070 and the money comes straight to AoS with no fees. You will then pay the amount via your next phone bill.

  • You can donate online using a credit card or PayPal account. 

You can get more information about how to donate on the AoS website.

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