Welcome- Atria

We extend a warm welcome to parishioners and visitors to our parish website. 

We are four churches, St Bede's, Usworth, St John Boste, Oxclose, Our Blessed Lady Immaculate, Washington Village & Our Lady Queen of Peace Penshaw. However we strive to be one community!

As a Catholic parish we are dedicated to:

• Worshipping God and celebrating the Sacraments
• Growing in knowledge of our Catholic faith and sharing it with others 
• Supporting each other and anyone in need

We are part of the Partnership of Benedict and the member churches are:

Our Blessed Lady Immaculate, Washington

Our Lady Queen of Peace, Penshaw

St Bede, Sacriston

St Bede, Washington

St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street

St John Boste, Washington

St Joseph, Birtley

St Mary, Easington Lane

St Michael, Houghton-le-Spring

Events - Kristos-Atria-

14-15 January - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  

Today we begin the cycle of "Ordinary Sundays of the Year" (following an “order of 2,3,4 etc) which runs from the Christmas season to the beginning of Advent.  It is broken only by the Lent-Easter-Pentecost season, and resumes after the feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

Today's Gospel describes the calling of the disciples, Andrew, John, Simon Peter & James and gives their responses.  

These men were the disciples of John the Baptist.  They had listened to his proclamation about the Messiah.  Now they followed his inspired witness to commit themselves to the person he indicates as the Lamb of God.  This choice of words points ahead to Christ's crucifixion, his supreme response to the will of God, for our salvation.

During this extract we do not hear any 'call'.  The call to follow does not appear until verse 43:  "The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee.  He found Philip and said to him Follow me".

Jesus begins to create a group of disciples, quickly and efficiently.  A time of change is beginning. 

Jesus even changes the name of Simon son of Jonah to Cephas (Peter -  the Rock upon which his Church will stand for all time).

This call was nothing new (see the Old Testament reading of the call of Samuel) and neither was it the end of such calls.  God calls each one of us today.  Do we listen?  Do we hear?  Do we respond to the call of God? 


Fr Anthony Cornforth

Mass - Kristos-Atria

15th January 

7pm: Our Lady Queen of Peace

Tuesday 16th January

12 Noon: Our Blessed Lady          Immaculate    

7pm: St. Bede                               

17th January

7pm: St John 

18th January

9.30am: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

10am: Our Lady Queen of Peace 

19th January 

9.05am: St Bede

9.30am: St John                  

20th January  


9.15am: Our Blessed Lady            Immaculate

10am: St John  

5pm: St Bede  

21st January

8.30am: St Bede

9.30am: St John

10am: Our Lady Queen of Peace

11am: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

6pm: Our Blessed Lady Immaculate

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